Indoor moisture

Indoor moisture

The Impact of Penetrating Damp on Internal Home Environments

Penetrating damp is a significant issue within homes, manifesting through various internal signs and causing extensive damage to the structure and aesthetics of the property. The internal signs of penetrating damp include:

- Damp patches on walls

- Black mould growth

- Wet rot affecting wooden fixtures

Damage to Plaster and Plasterboard

Inside the home, penetrating damp wreaks havoc on plaster and plasterboard. Both types of interior finishes are porous and capable of absorbing significant amounts of moisture. This results in:

- Plasterboard: It swells and softens, leading to structural weakness.

- Plaster: It blisters and flakes, damaging both its aesthetic and structural integrity.

This type of damage not only weakens and degrades the finish of the wall but also creates the perfect conditions for mould growth.

Encouragement of Mould Growth

Damp brickwork and masonry are conducive to black mould growth on walls. Internally, black mould is more common due to the higher temperatures that favor its growth. However, black mould can also grow on exterior walls under the right conditions.

Black mould thrives in wet, warm, and humid environments. The combination of cold external weather, warm interior heating, and wet walls can lead to black mould growth alongside penetrating damp.

Health and Structural Risks

Black mould is harmful to both buildings and their occupants. It is notoriously difficult to eliminate because it requires the removal of both the visible mould and the invisible hyphae that exist below the substrate.

Solution to Penetrating Damp

To address the issues caused by penetrating damp, including mould growth and structural damage, professional intervention is necessary. ARTEM REGART offers specialized services for the effective drying of walls and the restoration of affected areas. This involves the use of advanced equipment and techniques to thoroughly remove moisture and prevent future dampness.

By consulting with professionals like ARTEM REGART, homeowners can ensure the complete resolution of damp-related issues, preserving the structural integrity and health of their homes.