Advantages of houses made of CLT panels

How to show the advantages of houses made of CLT panels in a simple way? Let's talk about numbers, risks and savings.
1. Let's start with a headshot - why will a house made of CLT panels cost you less to build and how will you save money in the future?

Assembly of the house takes 5 working days - you save a lot on the cost of the team. It's one thing if you need to pay for months of work, another for a few days.
Interior finishing - we have achieved such a quality finish of the panels that they do not require any additional processing. That is, you can varnish the walls or paint in any color. If the house is made of aerated concrete, then the cost of finishing work often exceeds the price of the box.
Roof. In ordinary houses, the cost of the foundation and the roof is the highest. Roof assembly is a long and expensive process. In a house made of CLT panels, the roof slab is made from the same panels as the walls of the house and the roof is assembled in 1 day.
Economy in dynamics. Heating and air conditioning. In fact, few people think about the energy bill in advance. Only when in winter they receive a bill of 30 K per month for a house of 100 sq.m. questions appear.
A house made of timber cannot be made airtight and, accordingly, passive (in the following posts I will reveal this issue in more detail).
During assembly, the panels are glued together into a single monolith, which does not shrink at all either after assembly or during operation. Due to the large size of the panels, the number of joints is minimal - this allows achieving tightness.
What does it give? House-apartment ARTEM REGART at my client's. At a temperature of -6 on the street, the boiler operates for only 4 hours a day at the minimum power at the night rate.
In any other wooden house, the heating boiler operates around the clock and at considerable power.
Everyone is afraid to get involved with a construction site, because, like repairs, it is of poor quality and lasts for years.
Construction never ends
I produce fully finished bench panels at the factory, the assembly of the warm circuit takes only 5 days.
Poorly built, it all depends on the builders
Since I have a SKD assembly, not a construction site. Here, dependence on builders is reduced to a minimum. By the way, this is really one of the most significant questions why I myself chose to produce this particular material.
P.S. Now is a difficult time and money needs to be invested wisely, based on the long term. That is why I am very glad that I made the right choice in terms of quality.
When I was conducting market research, the number of complaints about developers simply horrified me.