CLT panels

CLT panels are cross-glued solid wood. Quality CLT panels have 5 layers. Softwood boards are stacked at 90 degrees relative to each other and glued together in a press into a solid monolith.

CLT panels:
CLT (Cross Laminated Timber)
CLT panels
Dried in drying chambers to a moisture content of 8-10%, the boards are laid in layers mutually perpendicular and glued together under pressure into a single monolith. CLT has almost no disadvantages inherent in the tree. Thanks to the cross-gluing of the CLT layers, the panels do not shrink and have great strength and load-bearing capacity.

CLT panels are made in the form of large-sized elements of walls, ceilings and roofs, and can also be used in conjunction with other building materials: concrete, steel and glass.
CLT panels are already replacing building materials such as concrete, stone, light steel structures, aerated concrete, brick, regular and glued beams, logs and others.

Properties of CLT panels
CLT panels are completely eco-friendly and natural material
The service life of buildings and structures made of CLT panels is more than 120 years
Assembly of a CLT house kit with an area of ​​150 m2 takes only 4 days
Low thermal conductivity and heat capacity 2.5 times higher than that of concrete
Does not burn, but smolders at a speed of only 0.65 mm / min
When heating one side of a 100 mm thick CLT panel to 1200 degrees, the other side of the CLT panel remains cold for a long time
We produce  CLT panels immediately with a fine furniture quality finish
CLT panels withstand gigantic loads, maintaining their dimensions and not shrinking.
We manufacture walls, partitions, roof slabs from CLT panels
CLT panels ARTEM REGART can be simply painted or varnished. Can be sewn up with drywall or any other finishing material
For the production of our CLT panels, we use softwood boards
CLT panels are the best material for passive houses. 100% windproof without joints or gaps
CLT panels can be insulated with PIR panels instead of obsolete stone wool
Any even heavy facades made of natural stone can be used
Beams from  CLT panels have enormous strength and a bearing capacity of hundreds of tons
From CLT panels you can build multi-storey buildings with a height of 30 m or more
CLT panels are not afraid of fire, they protect metal structures from fires
Architects with CLT panels can bring their wildest fantasies to life
Houses from  CLT panels are earthquake resistant. Withstand earthquakes up to magnitude 9
Very low thermal conductivity (0.13 W/mK) and high specific heat capacity (2.10 kJ/kg)
CLT panels have very high sound protection. No additional soundproofing required
CLT panels are 6 times lighter than reinforced concrete
Do not deform and do not give deflections under high loads 
The house kit is assembled in 1-4 days. This is an absolute speed record
Walls made of CLT panels are only 100 mm thick and save space in the house compared to concrete and timber, not to mention brick and aerated concrete
We sell ready-made house kits with all the necessary holes and docking elements for easy self-assembly

Application of CLT panels ARTEM REGART
Low-rise housing construction without restrictions on architectural styles
Great for such a technically complex style as minimalism
Production of load-bearing elements of buildings: beams, columns, ceilings, foundations, etc.
Construction of restaurants, baths, stables and other non-residential buildings and structures
Laying temporary roads in hard-to-reach areas for the passage of heavy equipment
Any prefabricated buildings in any area
Buildings and structures of temporary use, with the possibility of their disassembly and transportation to a new location at minimal cost
Pontoons and bridges for heavy machinery and vehicles
Bearing supports and columns for moving loads weighing more than 100 tons
Any architectural forms with large overhang
Support platforms for cranes on construction sites with weakly bearing soils
For the repair of buildings and building elements while maintaining the bearing capacity
Manufacture of doors, tables, benches and other furniture