ARTEM REGART is Founder & Owner of ARTEM REGART Company since 2002
We are not just a construction company ARTEM REGART. More precisely, we are not a construction company at all!

ARTEM REGART Company is a full cycle system. We design and build plants for the production of СLT, develop the architecture and construction of houses, including passive houses, train assembly teams, control all processes

ARTEM REGART Сompany develops innovations and manages the brand, including being responsible for marketing initiatives

Our global idea is to eliminate intermediaries, construction companies, and minimize costs for consumers

Artem is an engineer by education. He developed a unique technology for the production of CLT. A whole system of architecture, design, production, assembly and engineering of Passive Houses has formed around this technology

It was the idea of ​​creating a prefabricated, inexpensive and at the same time high-quality house with minimal human participation at the production stage that became the basis for the creation of the company

The desire for the highest level of quality of life has led to an innovative system for the production and assembly of Passive Houses from CLT at ARTEM REGART

Artem is a speaker at more than 100 international conferences and seminars dedicated to business development and creating advantages in highly competitive markets